Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter IV

I told you these blogs would become random…

Exciting News
In the middle of a worship song during chapel the other day we started doing an “Olaaaaaaayy olay olay olaayy” and it was sick! And in mackers the other night we got the whole entire place to start doing the “aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi!!!!!!!!!” I always wanted to be included in one of those authentic, aussie chants and it finally happened in mackers. Doing those chants with real aussies in the real OZ land makes them so much better.

Not Exciting News
I still don’t have a job.

Monday – Day off. I usually work on assessments due by 12 that night.

Tuesday – Class in the a.m. Chapel at 12:00 p.m. Then meeting about upcoming week involving the youth.  Youth Administration field work after that until about 5. Then we catch a Hillsong bus to the Hills campus one hour away for a Leaders Vision Night and get back around 10:30. This is where all the pastors, leaders, college students, and anyone in the church who wants to come, gets together and to talk about where the church is going and what is to come in the near future – planned premeditated thoughts, not so much prophesying.

Wednesday – I open the church for 7:00 a.m. Start classes at 8:30 until 12.  Then we have a 2 hour break. This is often when we help prepare for the youth night on Friday. Then class from 2 – 5:00. At 7:00 we have The Gathering. It’s an awesomely orchestrated combined service for all young adult age groups.

Thursday – Sisterhood service from 8:30 to 12. This is a service/eating/relaxing time for the women of the church and college that takes place every Thursday. The men serve the women. The men work with the women to help set everything up in the morning and then we have our own little gathering called Mr. Hood. Then we meet back and have class from 1:00-5:00.

Friday – Class from 9:30-5:00 with a break or two in between. Then from 5 until 11:30 it’s Fuel time. Fuel is what we call the youth service for my age group. We start with setting up the tribal wars. These are the games that they play at the beginning of the service. They usually involve a bunch of pads, ropes, helmets, milk crates, bungee cords, blindfolds, load music, screaming, blood, and sweat; basically we make it as intense as we can for the kids. Then right before the service we have a Fuel leaders meeting for about 45 minutes. Then the kids start pouring in and the tribal wars/service/connect groups goes until about 9:30. From then on out we just spend the next two hours goofing around, blaring loud music, taking our time tearing everything down and packing it all up.

Saturday – Day off until 5:00 p.m in which I serve at the 6:00 p.m. service that night.

Sunday – Serve at the 10:00 a.m. service, hangout for the rest of the day, and attend the 7:00 pm service – that’s always the best one.

What you just read is this week’s schedule. The weeks don’t always consist of the same events but are usually just as full. In the midst of all that I find time to eat, sleep, occasionally work out, and do my devotionals.  It’s safe to say social time has dwindled since the beginning of the semester.

Busy? Slightly. Too busy? No. No one is forcing us to do all that we do throughout the week. It usually comes down to us to know how much is too much. When we find ourselves complaining we just remember that students have been doing exactly what we’re doing for years and they got through it. In fact, some claim they had it harder.

It’d be one thing if any of the things we are doing were fruitless. But that isn’t the case. Everything I find myself doing, in all areas of the church, are benefiting me in some way.  But when did this become about benefiting me? Surprisingly, the things that I claim are benefiting me I actually do for God, for the church, for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven, yet I’d be lying if I said they aren’t benefiting me at the same time. 

Reality Check
If you were told that there's a million dollars a few miles from where you’re at you'd be there within minutes.  In fact, the truth is you wouldn’t be able to get there fast enough. You’d drop what your doing. You’d make time for it. You would never claim your “too busy” to secure that million dollars. After all, a million dollars does hold great value. But what about the value of our treasure in heaven? Reality is we’ve managed to put a greater value on a million dollars than on something that to us as Christians should be invaluable. If I believe this, why is it I don’t find myself doing everything I can to secure it? Putting a value on our treasure in heaven is what we do when we make time to serve and obey God and be a part of church fellowship. What we’re doing is saying God my time serving, obeying, and building a relationship with you is more important than time spent on the fruitless things of this world. On the surface committing time to these things doesn’t always seem appealing or isn’t always convenient for us, but keep in mind the Bible says our treasure is in heaven, not on this earth. And if we believe that, and spending time with God is all we have to do to get this invaluable treasure, then why wouldn’t I make time for it?