Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chapter V

This blog is dedicated to my mom. It's her birthday today, October 10, 2010. The big five-O! Congratulations Mom, hope it's an awesome birthday!! A lame and cheesy video is below waiting for you. Enjoy!

Thought of the week...

Why do they keep inventing bigger telescopes? They've literally discovered matter and galaxies trillions of miles into outer space yet they still desire to press on with the search. The search to find what? What is it scientists are hoping to find? I have to assume the main reason they continue to search is because they won't be satisfied until they see where the universe reaches its end. They search in hope to discover that there are limits to our universe. I'd like to propose the thought that God knew if He made the universe small enough for "man" to grasp and understand, then we would immediately think that He is small enough to grasp and understand, yet He's not. To discover a limited universe would be to discover a limited God. Which again is not the case. God's too big, we're too little. We won't ever understand him nor will ever be able to contain him. Since when does the creation understand the Creator? I know for me this concept had a profound impact on my Christian life. Think about it. This means that whatever dream I had for my life, wasn't big enough for God.  Whatever I was dreaming, I needed to dream bigger. If I can envision a life that I can make happen on my own doing's than I'm not dreaming big enough. Here's the really important part: We don't create God's dream, we receive God's dream. He's already got it planned out for us.

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