Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter II

(the first post was Chapter I promise)

A Bit of Helpful FAQs:

If you ever want to make 100+ friends in one month… come to Hillsong Bible College.  Meeting this many awesome Christian men and women has been an adventure within itself.

Skinny jeans – Not only are they worn on a daily basis by 95% of the population (no exaggeration), but this trendy craze has proven to be successful amongst men of ALL ages.  By the way things appear to be going there’s no doubt in my mind skinny thigh-high jean shorts will be equally as popular, but we won’t get to enjoy those until the summer/spring days find there way here – should be a few more weeks.

The U.S. isn’t the only country that has controversial political elections where the news and radio fill the ears of everyone with the flaws and nonsense about each candidate. No one seems to be remotely excited about any of the future prime ministers.   Makes me miss Obama… sike.

Exciting news:

So after being here over a month our flat (apartment) just got a refrigerator about a week ago.  We have the world’s smallest refrigerator without it being considered a mini fridge. Like if mini fridges were little people and there were a maximum height to be classified as a little person, our refrigerator just missed the cut.   Keep in mind we have 4 guys in our flat and one mini fridge that just missed the cut, this refrigerator is going to be used in way’s it never saw coming. Do the math, 4 guys in a two bedroom flat. That’s 2 people per room.  Despite how horrible sharing a room sounds it really isn’t bad at all.  In a way it can be fun… or maybe that’s just me trying to remain positive.  

Opened a savings account with a 6% APY - anyone who might not understand my excitement just know this is unheard of in the US.

Found a cool little skate bowl in the middle of a random neighborhood.  Will probably get a chance to do some witnessing to other skaters while we’re over there.

In a way I’m a leader of a connect group of about 8 kids in the youth.  But that’s not the exciting part.  The exciting part is that these are some of the worst kids in the youth.  They’re the ones that never found themselves in other connect groups because they were too bad. So now it’s like the dream team of bad kids.  Two reasons I chose them:
1. I love a challenge.
2. I remember my days of being a nightmare of a kid for our youth pastor. These kids usually have a tough life and a past full of hurt.  It’s all about respect with these kids. They don’t give any because they aren’t used to getting any. That’s where I come in. Hopefully I can show them it’s possible to be respected amidst a world that’s seemingly out to get them.  This will require large amounts of prayer and patience on my part. But nevertheless, God’s glorious power will prevail and I’m confident there will be a significant change in the hearts of these kids despite whether it happens during my time at Hillsong or years later.

To be continued…


  1. Awesome - show these kids what being a Christian is really all about - fun, full, faith, u got this!

    I would send u my money to gain interest with 6% but I am afraid u would spend it - on a bigger frige.

  2. Eric Dill sharing Jesus with 8 yr olds. Who would of thought it? Get em Eric. Show them there is a good life in front of them if they reach for it.

  3. Reading this makes me totally excited for you Eric! It's so awesome to know you're right where the Lord wants you. When you take that step of faith, he blesses your entire world/ministry. The best is yet to come my friend. I can't wait :)

  4. Dude, I'm jealous! Nothing better than doing what Gods tells you! So sweet bro, praying for, not you, but those you come in contact with. That their hearts will be open and ready for Love to enter in through you!